Selling Precious Metals

Ankauf von EdelmetallenAnkauf von EdelmetallenAnkauf von EdelmetallenAnkauf von EdelmetallenAnkauf von Edelmetallen
We buy all kinds of scrap gold as well as jewellery and coins, but also other precious metal recycling materials such as filings, castings and residues. We also buy dental alloys in their original packaging on special terms as well as all other alloys upon request. We are also able to buy precious metal bars.

In order to guaranteeprofessionaland accurate determinationof finenessat all times, wehaveextensive analysis carried out exclusivelyby one of themost reputablerefineriesin Pforzheim, Germany. To do so, a minimum amount of 200g is required. We settle the amount in cash according to the determined purity of the precious metals gold (Au), silver (Ag), Platinum (Pt) and Palladium (Pd) using the best daily price. We can, of course, also offer a direct exchange for investment precious metal bars of a corresponding value.


pdfRefinery analysis

pdfSettled in cash

If required, we can also provide you with free containers in which to collect your scrap gold.
Are you interested in taking us up on our offer and have questions or us? Then please ring us for non-binding consultation and, if desired, we will then process the purchase.

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